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Monday, November 14, 2005

a different opinion

In his article "Blogs A Tool For Teaching", Steven Krause writes about having used blogs in the classes he teaches (graduate school level courses in writing) and the how little success he has had in using them as "a collaborative and interactive writing and teaching tool"; Mr. Krause considers that the comparison between blogging and journalism and to writing in a diary or journal is quite accurate, and in the case of his students, the interaction he was hoping for was pretty limited; this in turn leads Mr. Krause to think of e-mail messages or bulletin board discussions as a better option.
Mr. Krause has had, on the other hand, success in the use of blogs by students as a journal (a very common method in writing classes) in which individual students can complete assignments given in class, linking materials that are relevant to these assignments, and on occasion, commenting on each others work. He ends on a positive/hopeful note: blogging is a tool that is constantly evolving and changing, offering the user more and more possibilities that many educators are taking advantage of.
The article was published in Chronicle of Higher Education, 6/24/05, Vol. 51, Issue 42.
It is interesting to me to find the opinion of someone who describes a situation that though somewhat frustrating is also helpful and possibly constructive (we all learn from experiences both positive and not so fruitful); I can well imagine someone trying to use something, blogs in this case, that everyone raves about, and finding that maybe, well, they are not for everyone...


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