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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

about blogomania

In re-reading the article published by Eric Oatman," Blogomania!", in School Library Journal, Aug. 2005, Vol 51, Issue 8, it dawned on me how helpful his advice was; in view of what I have been reading about the small amount of librarians that are implementing this type of tool in their work, it is great to read his recommendation: start small. One blog, If a teacher wants to do his or her usual lesson in the library, put that lesson on the Web. See what happens next. Subscribe to other librarian blogs...hook up with your local National Writing Project site, etc. Will Richardson is also quoted as recommending simply using an initial blog to talk about what's going on in the library, for example, inviting people to comment on new books - all this is extremely helpful to people like myself who are intimidated enough by the prospect of working in this field, without even thinking about the pace at which technology evolves.


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