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Friday, October 28, 2005

this is just the beginning

In an article published in the Journal of Education for Business, Zane K. Quible explains how useful blogs are becoming in the area of written business courses. Aside from giving ample information on the concrete applications of blogging in the area of teaching how to write in the world of business, he mentions how despite the explosion of the number of blogs worldwide in a number of domains, the use of blogs in the classroom is comparatively small - perhaps because teachers are not quite sure how to use them in the classroom; maybe it is just because this is just the beginning - this is a relatively new tool, and its use in a classroom environment will soon be quite prevalent, but like with most everything, it takes a little bit of time; after all, it seems like quite an investment in terms of time, energy, designing projects and activities, and of course, money in the technology involved - patience is a must, it will surely happen sooner than we think!
The author mentions also the case of the University of Minnesota which in April of 2004 announced plans to "offer free blogs to the university community" (Albans, 2004, p.18) I would love to hear what the results are.
By the way, the article I mentioned is "Blogs and Written Communication Courses: A Perfect Union" by Zane K. Quible, published in Journal of Education for Buseniess, Washington, Jul/Aug 2005. Vol 80, Iss 6, pg. 327.


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